My name is Scott Butler, and I am an avid trail junkie. I love hiking, I love camping, and I love outdoor adventure in general. I am a student at BYU-Idaho in my final year. During my time in the Southeast Idaho area, I have explored parts of Idaho, Wyoming, and Montana that few people get to see. Stunning places. Places that photos and words simply fail to adequately illustrate. This is why I want more people to be able to experience these places.

I have lived in several states and overseas. I grew up mainly in the Great Lakes region of the country. I went to high school in the Columbus, Ohio area, and while I occasionally hiked and camped, and while it is a pretty area in its own right, nothing has been able to compare to the natural majesty and wonder of the American Mountain West. Having what I feel is one of the best slices of the whole pie right here in my own backyard now, and being so passionate about it, I hope to share (and maybe spread) my enthusiasm for exploring our big backyard with others who share my passion, and hopefully create a few new trail junkies in the process.


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