Yellowstone’s Grand Canyon

Deep in the heart of Yellowstone National Park lies a place unlike any other. It is a destination that has drawn in millions of visitors from across the world. Although it is admittedly a touristy area, it offers hiking opportunities with views that will make even the most seasoned hikers have to pause in admiration. […]

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Protecting Our Trails

As human beings, we often tend to see nature as a never-ending resource. We tend to see our impact for better or worse as insignificant, which is why it is easy to justify doing things that harm our environment and equally easy to justify not doing things to help protect it. As hikers, I believe […]

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Why Water is Your Friend

There I was, on a sixteen mile day-hike in Salt Creek Canyon, a remote stretch of Canyonlands National Park in southern Utah. It was August, and it was hot in the desert. My buddy and I hiked along a beautiful creek, viewing ancient rock paintings and dwellings built by native people who had come and […]

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