What is Idaho Trail Junkie?

Welcome to Idaho Trail Junkie. My name is Scott, and I am a hiking addict. I created this blog as a source for you to get information on great hiking locations throughout Southeast Idaho and the surrounding area. I’ll share tips, reviews, and info on some of the most beautiful places in the world. And if […]

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Primitive Camping for Hikers

Sometimes, when hiking, you may decide you want to camp nearby. This may be because the hike takes up most of the day and you want to settle nearby for the night. You may be backpacking and need to camp during the hike. Either way, there are some important things to know and some cool […]

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When Lightning Strikes

As we approached the mountains ahead, our eager anticipation of the awesome hike we were about to undertake was suddenly matched by a sense of dread. An ominous purple cloud hung over the mountain range and poured its rainy contents on the peaks. Flashes of lightning licked the sky. We pulled over. After a short […]

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The Devil’s Stairs

The eastern side of the Teton range (the Jackson Hole side) gets a lot of attention. It gets the national park, the tourists, the celebrities, and the photographers. Less explored is the western side (the “Idaho side”). And this is not a bad thing. Because honestly, the western side is just as amazing as the […]

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